WordPress Plug-ins Only Experts Know About

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*updated March 2019*

1. WP Rocket

Ever scroll through Pinterest, find an awesome website, but you click on it and it does load immediately? Do you wait? Or do you find someone else’s website that loads fast? That’s what I thought, get WordPress Rocket so your customers don’t leave you site simply because it’s loading too slow.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

2. WP Engine

Everyone needs web hosting, right? So why not hire a web host that is literally a company employed by all WordPress experts. Side not, 40% of their c-suite is female.

3. WP Tasty

What to make your food blog look legit? Use This plugin to make your recipes look perfect and professional so those food pingers will keep coming back for the next thing you’re cooking up.

4. StudioPress

Web design not your forte? Sign up for StufioPress to get WordPress specific designs so you can do more of what makes you happy.

StudioPress Theme of the Month

How to Choose Your Web Hosting Provider

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Your online business is your baby. I of all people fully understand that! If you’re anything like me you have a love / hate relationship with options. Its like going to a buffet. All the food you can eat WOOHOO! But then when you get in line you realize there are so many options to pick from and your plate is only so big.

When you are choosing your website host, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Lucky for you, I put together a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding which web hosting provider is the right fit for you and your baby *ahem* business.

Are you a beginner?

If you are jumping into the online business world with no previous experience, kudos! However, you should keep that in mind when reading reviews on customer service.

When I started out, I choose a web hosting serve that had an online chat available almost at all times because I ask a million questions. Also, I hate talk on the phone so the online chat feature was pretty important for me!

Luckily, Liquid Web has an online chat system so you don’t have to actually talk to humans. They actually call themselves the “Most Helpful Humans in Hosting.”

Do you like options? Or one size fits all?

I know I just got telling you I have a love / hate relationship with options¬†however when it comes to you web hosting provider I strongly believe in options. A one size fits all mentality doesn’t work!

How long does it take your website to load your home page? Does your business keep confidential information for your customers where you would need a high level of security? Do you have an eCommerce website or a consulting business?

Liquid Web has so many different options. You can work with them to get a practically customer package for your business. Don’t pay for what you don’t need and make sure all the features you do need are available to you. They even have a cool feature to help you choose what is best for your business.

Do you want to trust your hosting provider?

I don’t know about you but I get pretty skeptical about services I’m not familiar with on the internet.¬†Maybe I’m aging myself. However, Liquid Web has been in business for over 20 years.

They aren’t a pop up shop looking to take a years worth of salary only to disappear.

They serve over 30,000 customer and over 500,000 sites. Those numbers sound pretty good to me.

Every business and every person is different. So you choose what is best for you and your company. Take a look at Liquid Web compared to other hosting providers.

Keep in mind if you are looking for a hosting provider that will help you as your business grows, can provide exactly what your business needs and are a trust worthy hosting provider Liquid Web is definitely a provider you want to sign up for.

CLICK HERE to check out Liquid Web and find the best web hosting solution for your business.